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A Diamond in the Rough – Online Gaming Versus Online Gambling

Everybody believed that even though the revenues of land-based casinos globally are suffering due to this extremely tough recession, that gaming revenues from online however could be a new phenomenon in hard economic times due to the small amount of expenditure needed to run an online casino, but this isn’t the case.


Online casinos across the world are feeling the sting of a recession that could be a precursor to depression, and you can tell this not just in the numbers, but also from all of their outlooks for future revenue, however there are some gems in the rough as online gambling firms to gamble on or invest in via trading on the market. One of the gaming firms online that are growing their revenue and net earnings like gangbusters is Shanda, a Chinese online gaming company Shanda.


As everyone else is in financial trouble, Shanda has announced a staggering revenues growth during the quarter-end of the year. The company’s revenues have grown in 41% as compared to the previous third-quarter earnings and their net profit was up by more than 20% from last year.


Shanda has performed very well since it made a decision to concentrate more on 메이저사이트  online games and board games, rather than gambling online . The potential for online gaming being played out in China is amazing and if they are able to succeed in the current recession, think about how they’ll perform when we get from this recession. While online gambling isn’t by the same adversity as traditional gambling in China but the one place which seems to be catching up with it all is the online gaming scene. I believe that American gambling businesses should learn the lessons of this company and attempt to shift their focus away from gambling online in the current recession and towards online games due to their online gaming has become a part of the culture its own with younger generations as we play online at a young age each year.


I can confirm this since I have a brother who is 42 who still plays video games with the Xbox with his children and it’s gotten to the point that they are near-to-begin addiction to the games, so it is clear that online games and gambling online have a significant influence, even among our younger and middle-aged people.

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