Bulldog Puppies – Suitable Playmates For Children?

Bulldog Puppies – Suitable Playmates For Children?

The bulldog has an aggressive looking face, and many children are put off by this fierce looking face. But what children don’t know is that bulldogs are extremely loyal and sweet Mini french bulldog for sale natured creatures. But because they have a fierce look, they are probably one of the most misunderstood dogs in the animal kingdom.

Not all dogs make great playmates for kids. Children don’t know how to hold back during play, and this may result in overly rough play. The pup thinks that it is alright to behave in a similar manner during playtime, and starts biting harder and harder. Other puppies may be able to withstand such levels of rough play, but for ordinary children, they may get injured.

In addition, some dogs have fiery tempers. Little dogs like terriers look cute but they can fly into a terrible rage when provoked. During play, young children don’t know when to stop. So they may end up provoking the dogs and getting themselves injured.

If you are considering buying a pup as a playmate for your children, these are the 2 most important factors to consider. A pup can be a great companion only if it possesses the right qualities. And what are these qualities? You want an animal that does not have a fierce temper, and is not overly energetic. The bulldog possesses such traits, which makes them perfect for the children.

Moreover, bulldogs take a slightly longer time than most dogs to mature. They remain fun loving and playful for about 24 months – about 2 years. That means you children get to enjoy their playful personalities for a longer period of time. Children sometimes grow bored of pups that grow up to become big, strong adults. They realize that their adorable little pets no longer look cute and cuddly.

The main reason why bulldogs are ideal for children is because they behave in a very predictable manner. Because they don’t have a fiery temper, you can expect their behavioral patterns to be stable. The bulldog pup, however, does need quite a fair bit of attention when it’s very young. But it’s demands for attention is only temporary. When it grows older, it will be able to spend more time by itself. Mostly, it will just laze around, waiting for its owner to shower it with some attention every now and then.

Some people think that bulldogs are lazy simply because they see them lazing around. But bulldogs are known to behave in a very rational manner. They don’t react or respond unnecessary. For some overly active dogs, they seem to jump at every sound or command. This is cumbersome behavior that the owners have to deal with. The bulldog will just wait patiently for its turn to come. That is why they not only make perfect pets for children. They are also ideal family pets.


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