Trainthougths Fashion Casio Pathfinder Watch Review – PAW2000-1CR

Casio Pathfinder Watch Review – PAW2000-1CR

The atomic Casio Pathfinder watch PAW2000-1CR is multifunctional, digital display, state of the art time keeping instrument manufactured by the Casio Company. It is ideally suited for all sports and outdoor activities. The case is grey in color and made of polymer resin with a stainless steel back. The band is also made of polymer resin and has a buckle clasp. It is very tough and shock resistant. The case and strap material are durable and will last for years with minimal signs of wear and tear.

It has a stationary, stainless steel bezel. The Casio Pathfinder PAW2000 has many technologically advanced features and developed to be an informational device for the wrist. It has a tempered, anti-reflective, hardened mineral crystal that is shatter resistant. It reduces glare and improves visibility of the digital display.

The dial face of the Pathfinder Casio watch PAW2000-1CR has a digital duplex display with back-light and afterglow features. It displays the time in both 12 and 24 hour formats and also displays altimeter, barometric, temperature and compass readings. A tilt sensor automatically turns on the back-light when the watch is tilted towards the body. Powered by a Japanese quartz movement and solar power, this wristwatch never needs a battery. It is environmentally friendly.

Atomic Accuracy

This Casio Pathfinder watch utilizes six multiple band frequencies in its built-in radio transmitter receiver that automatically syncs with atomic clocks in various cities around the world. The time is calibrated up to six times daily when in auto-receive mode, making it a highly accurate timepiece. It also has a manual receive signal option that, with the push of a button, synchronizes the time to the nearest atomic clock

Solar Power

The Casio Pathfinder PAW2000-1CR is solar-powered with triple sensors. It reaches a full charge with minimal exposure to direct sunlight and will maintain its charge in average room light. It has a reserve indicator and automatically goes into power saving mode that disables the LCD display after one hour in total darkness. A touch of a button re-enables the LCD display. The battery will last up to 150 days in power saver mode with no exposure to any type of light.

Chronograph Functions

Chronograph features of the PAW2000-1CR include a countdown timer with a progressive beeper, stopwatch, split time, elapsed time, five daily alarms and 1st and 2nd place timers. It also displays sunrise and sunset data, altitude, barometric pressure, temperature and has a digital compass. This watch is ideally suited for use outdoors under almost any strap

Water & Shock Resistance

The polymer resin case, measuring 50.2mm wide and 11.3mm deep which weighs 11.2 ounces and matching strap provides great shock resistance. The PAW2000-1CR is water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters, making it suitable for the shower, snorkeling and other recreational swimming activities.

Perpetual Calendar

Once the date is set, the Citizen Pathfinder PAW2000-1CR requires no further adjustment. It accounts for short months and leap years.

Objections No Casio Pathfinder review would be complete without discussing some of the objections raised by owners of the watch. A few people have indicated that the polymer resin band is uncomfortable. However, after a brief break-in period, it becomes more flexible and eliminates this concern. A few others have commented that the altimeter is not always correct. Manually resetting the altimeter will correct this situation,



  • Atomic Accuracy
  • Solar Powered – Never Needs a Battery
  • Digital Lighted Display
  • Multiple Chronograph Functions
  • Shatter Resistant, Temper Hardened Mineral Crystal
  • Water Resistant to a Depth of 100 meters
  • Rugged
  • Perpetual Calendar



This Casio Pathfinder Watch has a slim design, digital display with back-light and afterglow and multiple chronograph functions. The Japanese-quartz movement and automatic atomic clock calibrations make this watch a very reliable and accurate timepiece. Solar powered with triple sensors to capture any type of light, it never needs winding or a battery. The temper hardened mineral crystal is shatter resistant and the polymer resin case and strap make it very rugged. It is an excellent wristwatch for those that enjoy outdoor activities.



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