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Do’s and Dont’s of Successful Electronic Communication

Websites, e-mail, electronic consultations, electronic health records, identity theft, bureaucratic regulations, computer stations, personal digital assistants (PDA’s), blackberry telephones… our new electronic world is rife with potential liability and malpractice. Unfortunately, the list continues to grow in direct proportion to the ongoing evolution of our electronic world. In fact, President Obama’s recovery program dictates further commitment to electronic utilization within healthcare for increased efficiency and productivity in order to reduce expenses.

One example on the regulatory side is the new “Red Flags Rule” from the Federal Trade Commission that became enforceable on August 1st. mobile stores near me Any medical practice that extends, renews, or continues credit for a patient must implement written policies aimed at curbing identity theft. The simple act of billing a patient for services, even if an insurance carrier is billed first, triggers inclusion under this new rule.

It would take a book to address the necessary risk management of these new, electronic exposures. However the solutions would probably be outdated by the time such a book was published. In this month’s column, we’ll categorically look at the management of some of these inherent risks in hopes of raising levels of awareness. People often generalize that just because devices are bought at electronics discount shops that they are of low quality. Because of the advancements of machinery, items that were once very expensive like net books, digital cameras and others are now quite common place. Even with the updating of mass production methods, quality is still very important and no compromises are made so standards are still upheld. The reason that these wholesale products are so affordable is not because of substandard materials or work force. It is because outsourcing the work to other countries results in cheaper labor costs. Although the work quality is comparable, the price of production is decreased sometimes dramatically just from the reduced employment cost alone.

With these affordable quality wholesale products available on the internet, drop shippers can now take advantage of the situation and sell the gadgets via online stores and turn a profit. The market need is massive when it comes to cheap electronics because people keep buying the newest models. The low prices also encourage them to keep up with the Jones’.

The website for the retail shop should also be maintained properly. It should always be updated as per which equipment is currently available and which have sold out. As you know in technology the first one that is able to bring the goods to the public has a greater chance of closing the deal.

In order for drop shippers to enjoy continued patronage they must: 1. Always have the newest items on their site as well as all the data about features and possibilities in order to further create a feeling of excitement for the product. 2. The webpage should always be updated as per the stocks that are available for the customer. Nothing is more irritating than working up excitement for a purchase only to find out it is out of stock. Having a technologically updated list of apparatus and their numbers will ensure that the customers trust your store and shop there.

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