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Emergency Preparedness and Survival

We are all asking ourselves whats happening to our climate. We have heard a lot about global warming in the past few years yet no specific occurrence can be directly attributed to climate change. The frequencies of catastrophic events does strongly suggest that climate change or global warming is playing a role.

Global warming facts do suggest that climate change may:

• Cause changes in precipitation (a greater incidence of flooding)
• See a higher incidence of forest fires
• Have more frequent and intense storms and tornadoes

We are indeed seeing a pattern of increasing weather patterns around the globe. Within the past year Australia has a record drought, India had horrific monsoon rains and Greece had forest fires. During the winter of 2010, the Washington, DC area had the worse snow storm to hit the city in 90 years. Washington Reagan National Airport received 17.8 inches of snow. Many other cities on the east coast received record amounts of snow.

Floods have been occurring all over the united states, Nashville Tennessee, in May 2020 Experienced historic flooding that took the lives of several people. Tornados are occurring at an alarming rate and so many people are left homeless and defenseless.

A major earthquake is one of the greatest forms of disaster, in some cases cities are entirely prepper food wiped out and thousands of people or injured or worse killed. A prime example of such a catastrophic earthquake is the one that occurred in Haiti in 2010. This type of disaster could potentially happen in the US, because the New Madrid fault system between St. Louis and Memphis, has a history of shaking violently, and has a series of faults several miles below the surface. Experts are saying that there is a strong possibility of a sizeable earthquake similar those in the 1800’s. It is reported that the biggest quake occurred in 1812 that caused 60 miles of the New Madrid Fault to rupture. This caused waterfalls on the Mississippi, and the river to run backwards for several hours, in the river bends just northeast of New Madrid. This quake also created Reel foot Lake in Northwest Tennessee.

Disasters of economic proportion are indeed occurring more frequently, although we cannot stop the occurrences, we all need to have an emergency preparedness kit readily available. When disaster strikes its too late and we are depending upon someone else for our vital necessitates. This type of kit is becoming a necessity because in the event you are cutoff from emergency help, you will have some means of survival until help arrives.

Consider having on hand items such as:

• Emergency Food Units
• Dehydrated & survival Foods
• Walter filters
• Walter purifier
• Salt water Filter
• Preparedness Books
• Water tablets and treatment
• Water purification
• Freeze dried foods
• Earthquake Survival Kit
• Dehydrated and survival foods

I have not personally suffered the direct effects of a natural disaster but ‘3’ of my siblings and their families went through the horrific effects of a tornado in 2003 and escaped with only with the clothes on their backs, therefore, I am a strong advocate of emergency preparedness.

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