Everything, everywhere, at once: Part 1 of Everything, everywhere, at once

Chinese American immigrant Evelyn Quan Wang co-owns a struggling laundromat with her husband Waymond. The IRS is auditing the laundromat, Waymond is attempting to serve Evelyn with divorce papers, Evelyn’s obstinate father Gong Gong[a] has just flown in from Hong Kong, and Evelyn’s lesbian daughter Joy has been attempting to convince her mother to accept her girlfriend Becky. Tensions are running high. You can watch theeverything everywhere all at once full movie freeon 4khotvideo and other websites that let you watch movies online free.

Waymond’s personality shifts during a meeting with IRS inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdre when an alternate universe Waymond from the “Alphaverse” briefly inhabits his body. Since every decision leads to the creation of a new universe, Alpha Waymond explains to Evelyn that there are numerous parallel universes. The people of the Alphaverse, led by the late Alpha Evelyn, created “verse-jumping” technology, which enables people to access the knowledge, memories, and physical form of their counterparts in other parallel universes by meeting certain requirements. JobuTupaki, Joy in the Alphaverse, is a threat to the multiverse. JobuTupaki’s mind was shattered when Alpha Evelyn forced her to extensively verse-jump; she can now verse-jump and manipulate matter at will and is able to experience all universes at once. She has created a “everything bagel” that resembles a black hole with her godlike power, and it has the potential to wipe out the multiverse.

JobuTupaki’s verse-jumping henchmen start converging in the IRS building, so Evelyn is given verse-jumping technology to fight them. When Evelyn finds out that Waymond intends to divorce her, she looks back on previous lives where she made different decisions and succeeded, such as becoming a movie star and a kung fu master rather than leaving China with Waymond, who goes on to become a prosperous businessman. As the most unsuccessful Evelyn in the history of the multiverse, Alpha Waymond starts to think that Evelyn has the potential to defeat JobuTupaki. Evelyn is commanded by Alpha Gong Gong to kill Joy in order to obstruct JobuTupaki, but she refuses. She decides that in order to defeat JobuTupaki, she must acquire her powers, so while squaring off against the soldiers of Alpha Gong Gong and JobuTupaki’s minions, she repeatedly verse-jumps. Following the conflict, JobuTupaki locates and kills Alpha Waymond in the Alphaverse, and Evelyn’s mind fragments.


Part 2: All over


Evelyn time-travels to various strange universes, such as one where people have hot dogs for fingers and she is dating Deirdre, and another where she works with a teppanyaki chef named Chad who is secretly controlled by a raccoon. She discovers that JobuTupaki built the everything bagel to help her destroy herself, not the world, and that she had been looking for an Evelyn who could relate to her.

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