How Can You Eliminate Drama in Your Life? – Plan Ahead

How can you eliminate drama in your life? Plan ahead. Is it really that simple. Well, the short answer is yes, but there is a bit more to it. Drama for the most part, is created by people, for people, in people’s lives, and there is no shortage of people out there looking to add drama to your life. Credit card companies bombard people everyday with offers of debt cards, making it easy for people to add even more drama. The boss at work is always looking to tell an employee to work harder or take shorter breaks, and somebody’s spouse is always looking for greener pastures.

So if you plan ahead, how can this help you eliminate drama in your life? Well, first of all, it’s important to realize that we are emotional creatures, and most people do things in life because it makes them feel good in the moment, without  Dramacool  regards to the consequences for the future….otherwise known as drama. Credit cards are the easiest example to point out because most people own credit cards, most people buy things with credit cards that they can’t afford, and most people are in debt. So to eliminate drama in that area, the simple answer is to not own a credit card. Credit is another word for debt. I doubt seriously that credit cards would be so popular if they were advertised and labeled as “debt cards”. But that’s exactly what they are.

In most areas of life you have the same control as simply refusing a credit card. Don’t buy a car you cannot afford, don’t sign up for any long term payment plans for a television that will end up breaking in a few months, and don’t sign up for a lifetime marital plan(marriage) with someone you just met a month ago. Once again, these are all things you buy into based on emotions, and not logic. Start thinking and planning for the next day even before you go to bed. Don’t let drama creep up on you, plan ahead every single day.

One of my favorite sayings is this: If you do the right things, you get the right results. And if you do the wrong things, you get the wrong results. Think about how each decision you make today may affect you 2 years from now or even 10 years from now. Don’t be afraid to seriously consider how can you eliminate drama in you life? Plan ahead, curb those impulses or emotions, and take one last moment during the decision making process to ask this question: Do I really need this, or do I just want it. If you just have to have it simply because you want it….you may be setting yourself up for drama!

Rick P James is a human relations and support specialist for professional internet marketers as well as a trainer for internet beginners.

Rick spent nearly 28 years in the radio advertising industry before transitioning into internet marketing. Why? Because internet companies like Google, Facebook, and YouTube are quickly replacing traditional advertising vehicles like radio, newspaper, and television.


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