How To Attract Girls

Okay guys, here it is. The low down on how to attract girls, especially that beautiful girl call girls in lahore of your dreams. Have you ever found yourself searching for the right words, the courage and the nerve to walk up to a girl and say “Hello”? Whether you have those types of problems or desire the skills to make a change in the type of girls you want to attract, keep reading.

Speaking from experience, smells are an instant aphrodisiac. If you smell good and your breath is pleasant, you will attract girls like a doe to a buck during mating season.

Have you seen those Axe body spray commercials? We all transmit a natural pheromone to send messages to the opposite sex. Use this to your advantage by putting on cologne or body spray to attract that lovely girl. If you think that smelling like a real man means sweaty body odor fresh from the gym, you are sadly mistaken.

Remember her nose will be attracted and aroused by you before words are spoken, so don’t go cheap on that scent, she will remember that smell and associate it with you, so make it good.

I know it’s said a million times but communication is key. Being able to have a conversation with a girl isn’t always easy. Don’t forget that you haven’t got the girl yet, so to attract her it is essential to make a good first impression.

Having the ability to hold and keep a conversation will give her the sense that you are open and approachable. Attracting a girl can happen anywhere, even the most unexpected place or time so be on your toes. Having a warm and inviting aura will make it easy for a girl to walk up to you, or make her more accepting and open when you approach her.

What you say and how you say it could mean the difference between a good night kiss or a slap in the face. Once you have open communication you have to keep it going.

In the initial meeting remember to ask her questions about herself. Don’t brag about your muscles or about all the time you spend at the gym. She will interpret this as you not having the time or any real interest in her. If you are not a doctor, don’t say you are. If you didn’t read any masterpieces of world literature then don’t say you have. Nothing is more embarrassing then having her say something like, “Oh really, me too!” Trying to impress someone for that moment will only catch up to you later. This will leave the impression that you were less then truthful, making your first impression a lie in her eyes.

You are sending the signal that you are interested in her and you do that by asking her about what she does, things that she likes and finding the common interests that you have.

Whatever you do, don’t walk around with that neon sign blazing on your forehead that you’re all about sex. That sign will be like a force field and repel girls far and wide. You want to attract girls, respect that she will want to know you first before she dives into bed with you.

There are things you can do to let her know you’re up for that option and that is to pay her compliments. Someone once told me that guys need sex to feel good, but girls need to feel good to have sex. Girls like the feeling of anticipation so don’t call her every hour on the hour. Let her return your calls as well. Drop hints about making plans over the weekend to do something special. Its the small things that will help to win her over.

Look at the body language that a girl shows to tell you she’s interested. She’ll give you quick glances with a small smile. She’ll tilt her head to one side and brush her off her shoulder. She positions herself in a space that will allow you the opportunity to approach her. She may make eye contact frequently with you, bite her bottom lip and giggle insatiably.

She might fidget more and play with her necklace or earrings for example. If she is sitting, she will sit up straight and cross her legs in your direction. Notice when she runs her fingers threw her hair or caresses her glass. Petting the glass, like running her finger out the edge of the glass or stroking it up and down with her finger. These are signals she is sending straight to you.

There are many more ways and advanced techniques to attract girls and these few will give you a great head start. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. There is a girl out there waiting for you to find her. Good luck!

Mike Pirie is an avid researcher and reviewer of online dating resources, “how to’s” and products. He has spent hundreds of hours and dollars gaining first hand, personal experience of what to do and what NOT to do online, to find Miss. Right or Miss. Just For Tonight, the easy way.

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