How to Quit Smoking Weed When You Are Hooked

It’s a huge step for someone when they decide to quit smoking weed. For some it is no problem what so ever, they just quit and never look back, for others it can be quite the challenge. Even though weed is not a physically addictive drug, it causes psychological addiction. gras online kaufen If you are one that is struggling and want some advice on how to quit smoking weed, this article may help.

The first week or so will be the hardest as you are learning how to change your entire lifestyle. Learning how to cope with changing the way you deal with some of lifes common situations is the hardest. Here are a few tips to help you through your struggle.

Drink lots of water- Water as I’m sure you know is the best natural detox substance available. Water will help flush your body of any chemicals that are consumed while smoking, and drinking a nice glass of water may help to distract you while having a craving.
Keep yourself distracted- Having something to keep your mind occupied and not having thoughts of smoking weed is vital. Your mind will be fighting you for the first few weeks, trying to revert back to previous patterns you had. Finding something that can keep your interest and your mind on something other than pot will help.
Exercise- Not only a great distraction from smoking pot, it also releases endorphins which will make you feel better about yourself. I know that you are trying to overcome an addiction in smoking marijuana, but the endorphins that are released are a great natural high, so I don’t feel that this addiction is a bad one.
Support-Tell your friends and family members that you are trying to quit. Having this support can make overcoming a bad day when your cravings are getting really strong is a miracle in itself. Just let your friends and family members know, that they will need to have patience with you, as you may be very irritable. They may have to walk on egg shells around you for a while, but they won’t really mind, as if they truly love you they will deal with it.
Support Groups- Even though having the support of friends and family members if extremely important, many, if any at all, know what you are going through. This is when locating a support group comes in handy. The people that go to these groups are there for the same reasons as you, they know what you are going through, and are looking for help to get them through this, and this is why they will be very helpful to you.


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