Importance of Aircraft Bolts and Fasteners

The quality of an aircraft is very important. Boarding on one always involves risks, as air accidents may happen if the aircraft is of poor quality and maintenance. This is why aircraft specialists make sure they get the right aircraft bolts and aircraft fasteners. Using the right tools will ensure an airplane is safe, and the passengers are protected.

In the past, aircraft bolts and nuts were very expensive. Manufacturers needed to find suppliers or go to warehouses to search for fasteners. Today, they can cut expenses by buying the parts and tools online. Many aircraft manufacturers today prefer looking for aircraft hardware through online distributors. It’s more convenient and cost efficient. They just need to find a reliable supplier, and with just a few clicks they can get the tools they need.

There is no room for error in the field of aeronautics. Venturing into this industry means getting the best materials. The hardware they use can spell the difference between safety and disaster. If you are in the market for aerospace hardware, make sure to choose a tenured and reliable distributor for all your needs.

Hardware of this type ranges from aircraft bolts and aircraft fasteners to various pins, ridges, studs, fittings, and rivets. Some people overlook the importance of aircraft bolts and aircraft fasteners because of its small size. These tools play important roles in providing safe and efficient operation of any aircraft.

What are these bolts?

Aircraft bolts are made of alloy steel and titanium. They provide more strength and stability to other main parts of the airplane. High quality bolts usually have a marking on their head. If you see no markings on the head, do not use it. It is probably one of those commercial grade bolts. Bolt markings vary according to the manufacturer. You should see an “X” mark or an asterisk along with a name, and on the bolthead.

What bolts should I purchase?Lag Bolt drill hole size

The standard bolts for aircraft construction are AN3 through AN20. These bolts usually have hexagon-shaped head and a shank that fits into the hole. The shank has two main parts: the threaded and unthreaded portion. The unthreaded part should provide more “grip.” This means the diameter of the bolt is also the width of the grip. Standard bolts are usually made of alloy. There are also aluminum bolts available, but they have limited use. Aircraft specialists prefer titanium because they are more durable and versatile.

Before you buy bolts or fastener, it is important to request for an extensive part catalog. This will be very useful in the long run, as it could make it easier for you to find the right items. It also comes handy especially if you are relying on specifics and are not familiar with technical terms.

You should also look for licenses and proper documentation. Make sure they have manufacturer certification. This perhaps is one of the most important considerations when looking for aircraft or aerospace hardware.



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