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Interior Decorators Attract More Clients With Good Websites and Domains

If you’re an interior decorator, then you probably know all kinds of great things about how to make the inside of any building look beautiful, but you may know very little about developing a strong web presence for yourself. These days, many companies are spending less on their decorating budgets, undergoing renovations less frequently, and using simple corporate plans on a much more frequent basis. To small designer companies and individuals, that means it’s harder than ever to get contracted for well-paying jobs, which is why it’s so important for you to have a strong presence online. Companies want to hire designers who have a lot of experience and who have done a good job in the past, and the easiest way for them to locate those designers is online. The most important thing you can do to get your name out there is develop a website that explains who you are and highlights previous work you’ve done. To make sure people actually visit your website, however, you’ll first have to come up with some good domain names.

Domains are the web address that people type into their browser when they visit any website. They are literally the address that your website is listed at, and just like some locations are more valuable than others in the real estate world, some web addresses are much more valuable than others in the online world. To attract new clients to your website and get better exposure, you’ve got to come up with good domain names. As a designer, when you think of the web address you’re going to use, you should think about what kind of audience you’re trying to reach. Most likely, you’ll simply want to use a web address that corresponds foamboard with your decorating company’s name, but that’s not always the case. In some rare cases, someone may have already registered the exact same web address as the name of your company. If that happens, you can try to purchase the web address back from that person, but it will most likely cost you a lot more than simply choosing a different domain name would. Instead of paying a higher fee for that web address, you can look into registering the same address with a different extension. For example, is already taken, other extensions such,.biz,.org,.edu etc. may still be available. Alternatively, if your company’s name is difficult to remember, then try to pick a web address that is simpler but related to design so it will drive potential clients to your website.

If you come up with several domain names that you think may be good and you’re having a hard time deciding, then just register all of them. It costs so little to register a web address that you’re better off registering more than less so you can have more options if you need them. If you decide not to register an address and then someone else does it, you’ll regret your reluctance to register it, and you’ll have to pay more for it in the end if you decide you want that address.


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