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Obsidian Resonance: Introduction that Black colored Dice

With the ever-evolving manner in stereo concept, that quest for sonic flawlessness contains brought about that designing in significant instruments which will raise much of our oral experience. A great work of genius with trapped the eye in audiophiles and even collectors similarly is definitely the enigmatic “Black Dice. inch As an obsidian jewel sparkling globally in smart, that Black colored Dice stalls to provide a testament to help you excellence system, white sewing, together with a devotion to help you serving up unequalled stereo high-quality. Sign up to usa for the good looking experience once we look into heartbeat, more belonging to the “Obsidian Resonance, inch discovering that mysteries and even miracles belonging to the Black colored Dice.

That Rise to a Htc legend

With the hallowed halls in stereo uniqueness, Black Cube that Black colored Dice came about to provide a experienced designing via the prestigious Lehmann Stereo. That company name once more, “Black Dice, inch exudes a powerful ticket in interest, hinting around the serious absolute depths in sonic competence which will tell a lie after only. Manufactured to help you flawlessness, that Black colored Dice marries paintings and even discipline, constantly pushing that area in stereo faithfulness to help you unique levels.

Introduction that Obsidian Jewel

Within the nation’s major, that Black colored Dice is known as a phono preamplifier, a tool tasked considering the soft task in protecting and even developing that indicator as a result of soft top records data. The nation’s lustrous, obsidian-black facade conceals an important galaxy in precisely designed circuitry, excellence resources, and even enhanced know-how which will get the job done on proportion to create favorite songs alive through unequalled richness and even purity.

Key element Includes and even New developments

Rigid type of Model: That Black colored Cube’s framework is known as a thing of beauty by itself, specifically for low vibration and even disturbance. The nation’s refined manufacturing implies that that soft stereo indicates can be protected as a result of surface disorder, giving you a powerful unblemished stereo look-alike.

Twice Mono Manufacturing: That Black colored Dice holds an important twice mono manufacturing, addressing that allowed to remain and even best signals simply because thoroughly standalone possibilities. It careful procedure wipes out crosstalk and even disturbance, culminating at a clean stereo go through which will consistently reproduces each individual nuance belonging to the classic logging.

Selectable Earn Functions: Well suited for selectable earn functions, that Black colored Dice supplies mobility and even modification to help you provide for distinct phono cartridges. It individualistic helps audiophiles to help you fine-tune ones own install designed for very best capabilities together with a custom made sonic unsecured personal.

Enhanced Circuitry: Lehmann Audio’s system expertise excels because of with the Black colored Cube’s routine model. With care particular resources, excellence theme, and even careful focus on feature be sure that stereo indicator traverses that routine trail through greatest dependability, producing a sonic wholesomeness which will captivates that sensory faculties.

Great Soundstage: That Black colored Cube’s power to make an important three-dimensional soundstage is without a doubt not a thing except significant. It provides an entire and even great sonic canvas, helping audience to discover that favorite songs at a spatially immersive and even on an emotional level practicing technique.

Private Process: A fundamental quality belonging to the Black colored Dice is without a doubt the nation’s really cheap racket bare floors. That lack of unhealthy racket implies that that favorite songs comes out on a foundation in peace and quiet, highlighting the best possible aspects and even subtleties belonging to the logging.

That Attentiveness Go through

To discover that Black colored Dice may be to attempt an important sonic experience which will transcends only smart. Given that the hook gradually details that vinyl’s spot, that Black colored Dice awakens, respiratory everyday life inside each individual take note of, each individual chord, and even each individual application. Belonging to the soft resonance to a pianist’s look with the diet electric power to a small gravel guitarist’s strum, that Black colored Dice conquers that substance in favorite songs on the nation’s finest shape.


That Black colored Dice stalls to provide a testament with the beauty and even discipline in stereo system. It’s really a beacon in obsidian beauty which will resonates considering the core in favorite songs couples and even audiophiles similarly. Featuring unwavering resolve to help you sonic wholesomeness, careful sewing, and even inventive model, that Black colored Dice provides an second to none entry with the universe in high-fidelity smart. Once we reveal that obsidian resonance belonging to the Black colored Dice, efficient reminded which will after only the nation’s humble facade fabrications an important manner in sonic think about looking to remain given consideration – an important manner which will changes favorite songs inside an event which will details that coronary heart.

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