Pheasant Hunting Or Shooting

Pheasant Hunting Or Shooting

Well to me there are two main types of pheasant shooting which I do every year and they are Rough Shooting and Driven shooting. Today I’m going to talk a little about both of them. I’ll start off with Rough Shooting which I do mostly. Rough shooting is the most common form of Pheasant hunting in Ireland and the UK. Pheasants are usually found on the ground in ditches and heavy cover in rough terrain such as يلا شوت  bogs and woodland so this is where we get the term Rough Shooting.

This type of shooting involves walking through fields and bog along ditches with the use of gun dogs for hunting the cover to find the pheasants. When the dog finds the birds it then flushes them from the cover for you to shoot them. Now driven shooting on the other hand is not really that common in Ireland as it is in the UK. Driven Shooting is where you have 8-10 gunmen usually lined up at the edge of a wood or cover which the pheasants are in.

Instead of using dogs to get the pheasants up a group of people which are called beaters that beat the cover with sticks to flush the birds out over the gunmen. This kind of shooting is for the more upper class people which don’t like the aspects of rough shooting and don’t mind paying for the shooting. Driven shooting is found on big estates around the two country’s which rare thousands of pheasants a year for this purpose.


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