Play Safe by Safety Surfacing the kids Playground. All about Safety Surfacing

You can’t do without safety surfacing your playground. The surface of the playground that is present around play equipment such as swings and slides need to be made child proof as kids are more prone to injury in these areas. Safety surfacing is a form of playground surface that is laid around and under such equipment. The different types of safe surfacing used generally are rubber mulch, rubber safety tiles, wooden chips, carpets and poured in place surfacing. The most popular type of surfacing generally used in schools, public parks and playgrounds is rubber because it provides a cushion effect if a kid falls down from a height. Safety surfacing the playground with rubber is a very good option to reduce the impact that running or jumping creates on the legs and knees.

Children love playing 안전놀이터 outdoors and so it is our responsibility to ensure that the surroundings they spend most of their time in is safe for them. It is vital to inspect equipment that are installed on the playground to check for edges that are sharp or loose fittings. Similarly it is also important to safety surface the playground to prevent serious injuries. The safe rubber flooring partnered with supervision of an adult will ensure safety of the kid.

A very common and well-known safety surface used in playgrounds these days is wet pour synthetic rubber. This type of safety surface is very effective and used liberally on public playgrounds and in schools. In order to produce a smooth and seamless surface the rubber granules are combined with polyurethane resin. This wet pour rubber acts as an impact absorbent and also has anti-slip effects that allows kids to play on it in any kind of weather condition. It is child friendly and provides very good protection. The fact that wet pour rubber comes in a number of colors and that it can be directly laid on the grass makes it very popular and interesting. Wet pour rubber is without a doubt the most sought after safety surfacing that provides a great deal of safety and strength in a cost-effective manner.

It is mandatory that you perform a small level of maintenance activities in order to keep the wet pour rubber surface in prime condition. Sweeping and removing dust particles and debris that could be found on the surface will ensure the surface is clean thus preventing probable accidents. Using water to clean the surface once a while will help in keeping the wet pour rubber surface neat and clean thus making it look as good as new. It becomes even more necessary to maintain the surface if you have patterns on it. Ensuring to perform any repairs on damaged areas immediately will easily prevent untoward accidents. Maintaining the wet pour rubber surface in top condition along with maintaining a clean, safe and litter free playground lets children enjoy the playground safely, creating all round happiness.

Safety surfacing is essential in any playground. It is a form of playground surface that lies underneath and around equipment such as swings, slides and monkey bars. It offers impact absorbing properties if a child falls from play equipment. Rubber safety tiles, rubber mulch, poured in place surfacing, artificial glass, wooden bark chips and carpet are amongst the most common forms of safe surfacing. Rubber is perhaps the most popular, used in schools, parks and public play grounds, it is durable and offers a cushioned surface if a child happens to fall over or fall from a height. Of course, there is no way of physically stopping a child from falling over, but there are many companies that supply this type of surfacing to reduce the severity of injury. Rubber surfacing is also a lot kinder to the human body, reducing the impact on legs and knees when a child runs or jumps.

Rubber surfacing considerably reduces injury from falls and accidents that sometimes occur in the playground. Wet pour rubber consists of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) granules bonded by a polyurethane resin. EPDM rubber safety surfacing is installed in two layers; a shock pad and a wearing course. The first layer consists of large chunks of rubber known as SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) and is the section that provides impact absorbency. The second layer is of smaller granule EPDM which gives the surface its overall strength and durability. These two layers are then bound together to harden into an effective playground surface.

Safety is of course the primary concern when designing a playground however it is also important to make it a fun and bright space for children. Rubber safety surfacing is available in a number of different colours and therefore graphics, patterns, shapes and numbers can be incorporated into the floor. Playgrounds today consist of so much more than just a set of swings, a seesaw and a slide. The possibilities are endless; you can have themed playgrounds, climbing frames, tunnels, water features and loads more. There is nothing better than watching a child’s face light up as they arrive at a playground and wonder what to play on first. Playgrounds are a place where children can roam free, have fun and be themselves and safety surfacing ensures they are safe whilst doing so.

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