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PlayStation 3 Console Bundle Review

The PlayStation 3 Console Move Bundle 320 GB is the ultimate game stop near me way for players to discover the tremendous power, the incredible flexibility and sensitivity of the PlayStation 3 gaming system.

The PS3 Move bundle includes:


  • 320 GB HDD with standard DualShock 3 controller.
  • Move motion controller – puts motion capture in the palm of your hand.
  • The PlayStation Eye camera peripheral – literally puts you in the game – so life-like you will forget you are playing a game.
  • Sports Champions Video Game – the perfect multiplayer introduction to the PlayStation Move motion capture gaming system
  • PlayStation Move game demos disc
  • AC power cord, AV cable, USB cable


Together, the above components provide all the necessary elements to fully experience the advanced motion controlled gaming only through the motion of the system and the rest of the world of digital entertainment available with the PlayStation 3.

The next time you make a gaming console purchase, regardless of which console you chose, you can not go wrong with the PlayStation 3 console bundle. Buying a console bundle is a great way to enjoy the savings in the purchase of your deck. The PlayStation 3 console bundle has it all.

PlayStation 3 Console Bundle features:


  • Blu-Ray for games and movies
  • High Definition
  • the ability to download games, movies and other PlayStation Network
  • built-in Internet browser
  • Wi-Fi and hard drive
  • PlayStation Move


Every family member will enjoy playing PlayStation 3. PlayStation Move component is combined with the PlayStation Eye camera to provide the world’s most accurate motion gaming experience ever. So whether you’re taking a long-distance sniper shot or hitting a home run, every move you make is translated into the system with complete accuracy and precision making this the best gaming system on the market.


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