The Best Way To Unclog Drain Fields

A septic tank can be considered to be a sewage filter and conditioner. It treats and breaks down sewage as it passes through to the subsoil and prevents clogging of drain pipes within the drainage system. Light and heavy solid waste gets separated inside the tank and the bacteria and enzymes digest the waste matter thus breaking it down. These filtered liquids then flow into the drain fields and eventually get absorbed into the surrounding soil. In some cases there is a build-up of waste and the field gets clogged.

Fix It The Minute You Notice It

The field will need to be unclogged in order to avoid a  通渠 drainage system malfunction and prevent odors from emanating and polluting the area. This job is a highly specialized one and you will need to hire the services of an expert plumbing and septic company. But even before they come in there are a few measures that you can undertake to stop the condition from getting aggravated:

• Reduce the water consumption within your household. Try not to do any laundry in the house and take it to a Laundromat instead. The same holds true with the dishwasher. Load it to half capacity.

• Repair all dripping faucets and pipes immediately and ask a plumber to come in and fix any leaky pipes or drains.

• Discontinue use of harsh shower, sink or toilet cleansers. These cleansers eventually end up in the drain filed via the septic tank systems and there is a possibility that the chemicals that they contain will kill the bacteria that help in breaking down the waste in the tank. It is best to use cleansing agents that are environmentally friendly. Not only will you be doing your bit for saving the planet but will help in keeping your leach field functioning the way it should.

• Clear the ground that lies above the drain field of all grass and plants. This will help in the evaporation of all the standing water.

• The septic water in the drainage system should be treated with a bacteria-enzyme solution. This will help in increasing the bacteria content in the field and the waste matter will break down faster. Generally the pack that the solution comes in, has detailed instructions about the frequency of the treatment. A concentrated solution should also be sprinkled over the area and the surroundings of the drain field.

In short, a drain field needs to be kept in perfect working condition and it is important that you be aware of the basics of installation and maintenance. This will help in ensuring that you are not left with messy surroundings and an unhealthy atmosphere.



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