The Right Berlin Real Estate Agency to Help You Get the Maximum Prices on Property Sales

It is 14 years since the Wall came down and Berlin has been on a roll ever since, especially in real estate. The market has been growing at a steady pace over the years. However, the recent Euro crisis, influx of foreigners seeking profitable real estate investment opportunities as well as a way to dispose off existing holdings and Berliners looking to sell property at the maximum prices have fuelled price increases. Since 2007 the charts have shown a steadily rising trend in real estate prices and the number of transactions taking place. Prices have risen by over 30% and the number of transactions has gone up by over 20% with a growth rate of over 8% for 2012-13. In the last year prices of apartments rose by 45% and this is not the saturation point. Rents have also risen in proportion. Another significant factor is increase in population: local as well as influx of outsiders.

These days a Berlin real estate agency has its hands full with people looking to invest and people wishing to sell in a lucrative market flocking to their doors. Berlin is ahead of London in real estate market growth. Despite the rocketing prices, Berlin is still far more affordable than Munich with prices at about 50% of prices prevailing in that city.

Translating all these factors from real estate perspectives, the opportunities are quite profitable for property sellers. Property sellers may be old Berliners or those from other areas of Europe who have invested in the city, taking advantage of the lower prices at one time and the promise of assured returns. In a seller’s market, it is easy to dispose off your property to the first buyer or at whatever price one is offered. However, in order to maximize returns, you need the services of a Berlin real state agency. There are solid enough reasons to entrust the sale transaction to an agency if you wish to get the best returns:

• A reliable, reputed and professional Berlin real estate agency has the sources, the means and the reach to find buyers who will bid the maximum for your property. They are in touch with local buyers as well as international investors.

• With the extent of reach, the agency can dispose off property for sale istanbul  your property in the shortest time, not at distress sale prices but at the highest prices.

• Professionals at the agency know how to “read” buyers and negotiate for the maximum prices on behalf of their clients wishing to sell their property.

• Experts at the Berlin real estate agency have their finger on the pulse of the market and chart movements, arriving at precisely the right time to sell that will get you the most.

• A sale transaction involves taxes and duties as well as registration of documents. If not negotiated right, you could end up paying all these extra charges connected with the transaction. Your trusted realtor will ensure a fair deal in which you come out on top in an open transaction formulated to maximize returns for you.

• The agency takes care of documentation, registration and all compliance’s, saving time and effort, besides assuring peace of mind.

Find the right Berlin realtor and you get returns beyond your expectations.


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