Vigilant Christians in the New Season

An army engaged in war strategically positions their base camp. It is indispensably imperative for them to find and secure a safe place. Usually, a higher ground suits to be the best pitch. As true soldiers and bearers of the banner of Christ, our duties are not just to craft an offensive move in advancing the kingdom of God but to consider a defense structure as well. Knowledge and wisdom are very necessary for this task in order to clearly define our position and our priorities in defending the tenets of truth of the untainted scriptural doctrines of Christ. Will we send ourselves to battle without considering the vulnerability of our base camp for the enemy’s attack? We have to be fully aware of what is happening within and around us, bearing in mind that every day we are beyond doubt affianced in spiritual warfare. The unity and welfare of our pedestal encampment as well as our personal spiritual stability are among the truths that each soldier of is compelled to protect.

The Confrontation Within

Satan’s three major weapons of destroying the man of God are so obvious from the start of mankind down to our era today. In different forms and strategy, satan’s bait always falls in three categories – craving for fleshly desires, pursuing the lust of the eyes, and the yearning for power and pride of life. Nebuchadnezzar, King Saul, and others were lured by power; moved by pride thus forgetting to rely on God. David committed adultery when he was drawn to the lust of the flesh. Judas Iscariot fell to the enticement for the love of money and the lust of his eyes. We are blessed by being technology informed but we must be careful in the use of internet, cellphones or other hi-tech gadgets because they can be satan’s best inducement to drag us down. Flee from these lusts. Tech New Master

Let us be aware of what is really going on and get out from our comfort zones. Mediocre mentality should have no place in our goal for we are destined to do exploit in these last days. Complacency should be trodden down through our knees. Let us guard our posts all the time We should be sentient as soldiers of Christ.

Watch Out for the Catapults

“When we are sent to the field for battle, we are told to watch and be alert at any time, for the enemies are around us. We were never taught to retract and escape from the battle field,” said a soldier. It is anticipated that every combatant especially the officers should pursue constant planning.

Ingenious tactical methods should be laid beforehand whether in an offensive or defensive pursuit…

… An anointed preaching is from a preacher who is filled with the Holy Ghost… True enough, our focus is more on the divine rather than the sciences but let us not fail to see that we nee to upgrade ourselves academically by continuous studies or even enrolling in post graduate studies and earning degrees. This is a good indication of progress since competency is the demand of our time.

Yes, our accusers may have set high standards in selecting their leaders to be competent enough to represent a position in their association; they may have prioritized building a positive impression to draw in the educated, influential people of the society; they may have earned their master and doctorate degrees to bridge, understand and communicate with those “fishes” in the deep; and yes, they may have members of the elite who primarily support their ministries; but let us never forget that souls are won over to the Lord”…not by might nor by power but by the spirit, saith the Lord of hosts” (Zechariah 4:6). So, as we continue personal advancement by studying in academic institutions, may we not come to the point of sacrificing the truth and quenching the Spirit of the Lord just for the sake of pure knowledge. The truth must prevail. Be balance as God has commanded us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

The Demands of our Time

There’s nothing wrong with acquiring pure knowledge and making advancements. Let us never cease to learn and desire to obtain knowledge through formal education without deviating from the truth. An old Bible School professor from Myanmar said in his speech as he was conferred with Doctor of divinity, “Commencement exercises are just ceremonies. May we never stop studying and learning.” He illustrated acquiring knowledge like a man going to the seashore with a pail. He takes water from the sea and pours it upon him. A pail of water is just a part of the knowledge he earned. Knowledge is as vast as the ocean. Learning stops only when we leave this world.

A Christian psychologist elaborated the three kinds of knowledge and wisdom.
1. Worldly knowledge – the knowledge concerning worldly things, principles, views and lifestyles that are often times contrary to the knowledge of God.
2. Pure knowledge – the truth based on facts, careful analysis and studies through sciences and arts. These are the educational knowledge offered by academic institutions.
3. Divine knowledge – the absolute truth such as God and others that concerns spiritual things. The Bible and Theological colleges provide this form of knowledge.

“But God that chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty” (I Corinthians 1:27). We are not wise with worldly knowledge but we do need pure knowledge to equip ourselves as ministers and laborers of God. God chose us to confound the wise and mighty in worldly things. God told us not to love the world and His love will remain in us. The world corrupts pure knowledge with worldly knowledge by fusing them together. This is the problem that our society is facing – the corrupt world seems to take advantage of the divine. People of God, arise! Let’s understand that pure knowledge complements the divine. In the last days, knowledge shall increase and the people of God should be competent enough to meet the demands of the time. “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (II Timothy 2:15). Pure and divine knowledge are partners in rightly dividing the truth but worldly knowledge is inclined to fraud and lies.

The challenge for the people that will represent God today demands high elevation of competency. This is how we can connect and influence the changing world with the unchanging message of the gospel of Christ. If greater accomplishments be done for the glory of God, we can expect the total growth that we desire in terms of quality and quantity. In the kingdom of God, His people will never perish if they are equipped with adept knowledge of truth – pure and divine. Surely God will not fail to bless and give the ministers who can be trusted to hold greater responsibility. In the last days, knowledge will increase; let us also run the race that we may obtain and keep abreast with the changing times. Let us continue to speak boldly the uncontaminated truth with all preparedness in various means to save as many as we can. The world needs to hear us and disclaim all pseudo accusations.


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