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What Is a Countertop Water Filter and How to Use It?

Were you ever alarmed by diseases that can be derived from unsafe tap water? If not, turn on your television sets, your radios and even surf the internet and find out how seriously dangerous it is to drink such type of water. Making sure that your water is potable doesn’t have to cost that much. With countertop water filters, safe drinking water is conveniently accessible.

But what are these filters and how can it be used? If you are thinking that you might still be needing a plumber to have a countertop filter installed in your sink, then you thought wrong. These filters are very easy to install and they come with a diverter valve to replace your faucet aerator to instantly deliver filtered and safe tap water in your homes. These filters help trap chlorine, lead, unnecessary odors, bad taste, organic chemicals, and more from your tap water.

But how does a countertop water filter work? The diverter valve of countertop filters connected to your faucet directs the water through the filter. As soon you release the knob, safe and filtered drinking water is delivered to you without limits and as conveniently as possible. They also come in various designs to match the different filtered water needs of home owners. These can be placed either on the faucet or on any normal sink faucet locations.

Countertop water filters use various kinds of technologies berkey vs aquasana to best deliver high quality and safe drinking water inside your homes. Lots of brand manufacturers are also continuously developing and bringing out new and latest designs of water filters that would go further than its expected results.

However, filters from these devices have specific expiration dates. It means that you have to take some consideration in determining the expiration dates of its filters in order to buy new ones to replace them. Users must never use filters much longer than indicated as water filtration capabilities automatically decrease, providing less safe tap water.

Most of the countertop water filter designs let you enjoy the convenience of having easy access for safe drinking water even when the sink is full of dishes. Having a countertop water filter at your home may be a little new to you especially when you get to have water coming out from another faucet which is from the filter. But then, getting used to it may only take a while but it let’s you enjoy many of its healthy benefits immediately.


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