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When To Call A Girl

Finally, you have her number. Maybe you thought that getting that number was the toughest thing you had to do. But now you might want to reconsider this statement. Now you should decide when to call her and what to say. Answering these questions is as much complicated as getting the girl’s number.

And there is no definite answer to these questions. Some say that you should call her the same day; others insist that you should wait a day or maybe even two to make her wait. It depends on the situation, your intentions and the girl call girls in karachi herself. Sometimes it makes sense to make a quick call the very same day. For some people a trick of calling her a few minutes after you left her works just perfectly. Many really prefer to make a girl wait for a day, or even a week.

Important thing here is not to make it too long. If you call after a week it might indicate to her that you were not interested in her enough, and that she is your second or maybe third choice.

It goes easier if she told you when to call her. But make sure you are punctual here. If she said you could call her between 6 and 7pm on Thursday, then call her exactly between 6 and 7pm on that day. It will show her that you were paying attention and respect her.

You should find some balance here. Don’t call too soon if you don’t want to seem too eager. And don’t call after a long gap if you don’t want to seem too uninterested. In this case a 2-days-rule makes sense.

There are also certain rules regarding time you should or should not call. Don’t call her at office or school hours. She won’t be able to pick up, and if she picks up she might be really annoyed by disturbance. Don’t call early in the mornings. Don’t call late in the night. This leaves you with evening hours which are supposedly the best time to call a girl.

And yes, you should not forget that girls know the rules, too. They read the same magazines that you do, visit the same websites. They know when you supposedly should call, and they also know what it means when you didn’t call at the time they expected you to.

Women emotionally react to things and situations, and they might take it personally when you call after a couple of weeks only because you were out of town all this time. It might take a while to explain to a girl that it was no intention of yours to keep her waiting for so long. But then you probably would want to go through troubles of explanations only if you really are interested in the girl.

Remember that it is only you who can make a decision when to call a girl. The safest variant is 2 days, yet it varies from situation to situation, from girl to girl, even from man to man.

And one more thing, once you made up your mind to call her think about what you will tell her. Don’t dial that number unprepared. Because if you do, the whole “when-to-call-her-thing” won’t really matter anymore.

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