Who Invented Candy? – Some Thoughts!

Candy, which is often termed as toffee, is a sweet which is made from a mixture of sugar and water. The sweetness of a candy depends upon the concentration of sugar content in the mixture. Candy also comes in different variations such as candy bars, chocolates and marshmallows. hhc carts The color and taste of candy varies across continents and a lot of additives are being introduced to add fragrance to the candy. Candy has been an active part of human civilization from long time ago and determining the origin is almost a difficult task if not an impossible one.

However, according to the records available, candy was invented in 1854 and Whitman’s chocolate was the first box of candy. In 1868, Richard Cadbury came up with his Valentine’s chocolates. The following years saw developments and enhancements in the composition and structure of candy to attract the markets. Nowadays, a number of candy brands are available in the market with their revolutionary products such as milk candy, chocolate candy, strawberry candy.

The color and final texture of a candy is decided by the composition of sugar, water and additives. During the manufacturing process, the mixture is boiled to maintain particular water content. Too much water content in a candy leads to softness while less water content makes a hard and stiff candy. Candy including chocolate and milk products usually contains a large concentration of water to ensure the softness of chocolate and milk. Different types of candy textures are available in the market depending upon the sugar texture such as thread, soft ball, hard ball, soft crack, hard crack, clear liquid, brown liquid and burnt sugar.

Candy also comes in vegetarian and non vegetarian forms. So vegetarian people should always check the components involved in the preparation before consuming a candy. Marshmallows and gummi bears are two non vegetarian candies, formed by gelatin which is derived from a protein present in the skin and bones of animals. In addition a candy also consist preservatives to ensure it’s freshness for a longer period. The ingredients of a new invented candy must be Food and Drug Association (FDA) approved, before selling them into the open market. Although it is a great product for your tongue but excess consumption must be avoided as it can cause serious health related issues. Excess intake of sugar can cause diabetes and growth related issues such as obesity among children.

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