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World of Warcraft Gold Farming Tips

World of Warcraft gold farming tips are essential to the serious player of this massive multiplayer role playing online game. While gold farming is one of the more challenging aspects of the game, it is also one of the most exciting endeavors. Gold is the best of the best when it comes to the in-game money exchange system. Having a fair amount of gold will allow you to purchase items that can enhance your in-game character’s armor, weapons, skills, professions, and more! Here, I will share with you some of the well guarded World of Warcraft gold farming tips.

Auction House Runner

One of the best ways to make gold in WoW is to develop a character that will serve as what I like to refer to as an “Auction House Runner”. This character should be one that is low level. You will place them next to an auction house and mailbox in the game. As you work to acquire loot with your other characters, you will ship these items over to the runner.

The runner will then take those items and place them in the auction house. As the items sell in the game, the runner will then go back to the mailbox and ship out the gold to all of your other characters. This is a great way to save time, and build your gold instantly!


A great way to farm World of Warcraft gold is to focus on your professions. Most of what you can make within certain professions can be sold at the in-game auction house, and to the vendors that are located throughout the game. Furthermore, you can sell these items to players that are within the game. If you have a large guild that you are a part of, advertise the items that you have on sale. You may find that the guild members have a great need for these items. Not only can you earn money selling these items, but you can also earn tips and gain a reputation for selling those items among other players.

Essential Loot Areas

If you are looking for World of Warcraft gold farming tips, you absolutely must discover some essential loot areas throughout the game. Instances and stockades are excellent choices when it comes to accumulating some fast cash and leveling your characters. In addition to this, there are other loot areas that may prove to be quite beneficial to you, these include:

1. The Wetlands, which contains levels 20 and higher, has special drops that occur with the Red Whelp Pets that you will come in contact with. If you Buy wow gold   are looking to grind for gold, it is best to go for these creatures.

2. If you are level 25 and higher, you will enjoy gold farming in the area of Duskwood. While there are not a lot of special drops, it is possible to receive some rare loot. One time, I got a rare item that sold for over 50 gold in the auction house! On the average, though, you can make up to about 5 or 6 gold by simply hanging out in the Raven Hill Cemetery. Kill everything in sight! Not only can you get some good cash, you can get a lot of items that can be sold to others to assist them in their professions!

3. Now, if you are nearing level 30, the Screeching Cavern in the area of Thousand Needles is an excellent location to accumulate WoW gold. You will want to target the Harpies. These characters will drop Vibrant Plumes. They also drop light feathers and the such. There are also four chests that consistently respawn in this area. You can easily make over 6 gold an hour in this area.


There are many different ways to make gold when you play World of Warcraft. All it takes is a little creativity and some basic time management skills. Eventually, you will discover your very own World of Warcraft gold farming tips that you can share with others!


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